Local News

By Alan Lytle, Kentucky Public Radio

The U.S. Postal Service is conducting a study of the efficiency of its Louisville and Lexington hubs.

Spokesman David Walton says the study will determine whether some of the duties handled in the Lexington Processing and Distribution Center could be performed more efficiently at the Louisville facility. The USPS is doing similar studies in many other cities.

“Sometimes they have these studies and they say, hey, it’s not going to be worth it to proceed. In other cases they do,” says Walton ” Once we do reach that point, though, if we do decide to move ahead we will have a public meeting where we can get our stakeholders and customers’ comments. We’d like to hear from them because that is very much a part of this study.”

Walton says the Postal Service is on track to lose 6 billion dollars this year so examining all forms of consolidation is necessary.

“We have to do this because to have redundant processes going on at plants it’s really not much of a cost savings,” he says “so, if we can do the same thing in the Louisville plant that we are doing in Lexington, we’re going to go for it.”

The USPS is still trying to overcome the effects of the economic recession, and the agency projects another 6 billion dollar loss this fiscal year. The service is also considering closing some branches.
Walton says a public meeting will be held before any consolidations occur.