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Health care is on the agenda for the National Convention of the American Legion in Louisville this week. Spokesperson Craig Roberts says many veterans are concerned their V-A Medical System will be adversely affected.

“Not to be elitist about this, but the VA health system is, we consider, and many experts consider, the finest national health care system there is, and really a model for others,” says Roberts, “it kind of comes down to the basic if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it sort of thing.”

Roberts says much of this week’s work at the national convention is discussing key policy issues and voting on how the organization will best represent the interests of veterans.

He says in many ways the VA is leading the way in medical treatment and procedures.

“It also is pioneering in some areas like electronic medical records and so forth, which are the kinds of things the President wishes to include in a national health care system, that we expect will take some time and effort to implement and there will be some mistakes along the way,” says Roberts. “So, we’d like the VA health care system, that affects our veterans so well to remain in place as is.”

Ten-thousand members of the American Legion are in Louisville this week for their group’s national convention. Roberts says they’ll also discuss their support for a strong missile defense system, and vote on resolutions on how the organization can best support the interests of veterans.

They’ll meet through Thursday at the Galt House.