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A virtual public hearing on the possible legalization of unpasteurized milk sales in Indiana is winding down this week.

This summer, residents have been invited to submit on-line comments to a committee of the Indiana Board of Animal Health.

The panel will then make recommendations to the Indiana General Assembly on ways it could regulate the product for human consumption.

It’s trying to find that balance is what’s difficult on the committee to come up with…not overkill,” says Indiana dairy farmer Alan Yegerlehner, a member of the advisory panel.

Yegerlehner, whose family operates the Swiss Connection dairy farm and store in Clay City, avoids violating Indiana law by selling his raw milk as pet food.

Proponents say raw milk contains enzymes and other healthy properties that are killed in the pasteurization process.

Health officials warn that unpasteurized milk can contain dangerous pathogens and should not be consumed.

Raw milk sales are also illegal in Kentucky and 18 other states.

The Indiana virtual public hearing continues through Friday.

Rick Howlett is host of WFPL's weekly talk show, "In Conversation."