The greens and grays of Cave Hill Cemetery were joined by reds, whites and blues as volunteers placed American flags on veterans’ graves Friday.

Groups and individuals from across the community convened in preparation for the Veterans of Foreign Wars Memorial Day service, placing flags on more than 6,000 veteran graves.

Dietrich Howleit and his two grandsons were among those who helped. Howleit formerly served as a Hospital Corpsman in the U.S. Navy.

“Hopefully one day, when I’m gone, someone will come do the same for me,” Howleit said.

Gwen Mooney, president and CEO of Cave Hill Cemetery, said the goal was to ensure that every veteran is recognized and honored.

Mooney has numerous loved ones with service experience: her dad and grandfather served in the Navy, two uncles served in the Marines and two nephews are in the Army.

“Looking at the people who are here, looking at the enthusiasm in the people placing the flags, it’s a special, special moment,” Mooney said. “The flag is a symbol of being American and what these veterans have done for all of us — [they’re] why we live in freedom and why we have what we have and can maneuver around our country the way we do.”

The VFW will host its Memorial Day service at 11 a.m. on Monday.