Voters in Floyd County, Indiana, have been turning out in higher numbers than previous elections, say many precinct inspectors there.

Some residents, like Beth Hardin, say it’s the economy that is motivating people in this election.

“People are just hurting around in this area because all of the factories have been closing and leaving,” Hardin says.

Hardin is working at a precinct in New Albany’s Slate Run School, where there was a long line when polls opened at 6 a.m.

Dora LaDuke is a precinct inspector in Floyds Knobs. She says she’s seen a community divided in its choice for president.

“I’ve got many friends on one way and many friends on the other. It’s like oil and water,” LaDuke says.

Floyds Knobs was once a farming community that primarily voted Democratic but has become increasingly conservative as more suburban neighborhoods have sprung up in the area.

Indiana is one state in the spotlight this Election Day, with a close vote predicted between the presidential candidates.

Polls in Indiana close at 6 p.m.