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At first blush, the video below looks like art — tiny dots scurrying across a black backdrop with a blue squiggle meandering through the middle.

That’s Louisville. Each dot represents a TARC bus. Watch:

The video, which you can also watch here, depicts transit in Louisville on a weekday over a 24-hour period starting at 3 a.m. The dots slowly appear but then become legion, scurrying across the Louisville metro area. It sort of looks like those Star wars scenes when the Millenium Falcon goes into hyperspace.

Vancouver-based programmer Andrew Walker made this video, and dozens others, using data given by the Transportation Authority of River City — General Transit Feed Specifications, the same information Google uses to plot maps, according to Wired.com.

There are also videos for New York City, Chicago, Perth and many other cities. 

Wired.com adds:

Eventually he hopes to include more features, such as the ability to highlight one route and real-time data rather than just transit schedules, but only two or three cities have made such data publicly available.