Local News

The hot, dry summer has led to a water shortage in southern Indiana, and a conservation advisory is in effect in two nearby counties.

The Indiana American Water Company is asking Clark and Floyd county residents to voluntarily cut back on water usage.   Company spokesperson Joe Loughmiller says that may be difficult, since yards and plants are dying. But, he says if everyone waits to water plants or wash their cars, then more drastic measures won’t be necessary.

“There’s always a possibility we could do mandatory conservation or restrictions,” he says. “At this point, we’re hoping that doesn’t have to happen and if we get some people out there, just basically turning off their sprinklers and their irrigation, that’ll take care of the situation for now.”

Loughmiller says a few inches of rain would be enough to replenish water supplies and end the advisory. Much of Kentucky is also experiencing dry weather. A level one drought has been declared in Jefferson and many neighboring counties.