Local News

The Wayside Christian Mission in Louisville is in need of funds and food for the holidays.

At Wayside, volunteering is up and donations are down. Chief Operating Officer Nina Moseley blames the economy. She says people who normally give money are giving their time instead. The economy has also increased the number of people coming to Wayside for help.

“Our business is booming,” she says. “We’re seeing a lot more new people come in, but yet our finances are down somewhat. So there’s that double-whammy effect going on and the gap is wider.”

Moseley says attendance for the mission’s Thanksgiving meal was up 20 percent over last year, and she expects the Christmas potluck to be equally busy. Wayside is seeking food donations to help feed the crowd.

“Altogether we need 120 turkeys. We need 60 hams. And we need 10 roasts. Right now, our biggest need is for the ham and the roasts. And then to feed the number of people that we feed, we need 400 side dishes and 200 desserts. And currently we have nowhere near that,” says Moseley.

The mission typically serves 25 hundred meals on Christmas day.