When the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage in June, the wedding industry suddenly had a lot more potential clients.

But not all vendors knew exactly how to handle the new customers.

On Thursday night, the Fair Event Vendors Alliance will host what’s being billed as Louisville’s first LGBT-inclusive wedding show.

The Love Won Wedding Show at the Mercury Ballroom will feature vendors who are FEVA members and have been trained by the organization in participating in LGBT celebrations.

Heather Yenawine, director and co-founder of the Fair Event Vendors Alliance, is also a wedding DJ.

Speaking on WFPL’s Strange Fruit, she said she saw same-sex couples running into problems trying to navigate the world of wedding planning.

“Couples would go to a wedding show and approach a vendor,” she said. “They would both be together and say that their wedding date was the same day, and people would still be like, ‘Oh, where are your grooms?'”

Vendors can also stumble on matters such as formal wear and which family members will dance with the newlyweds at the reception, she said.

FEVA’s mission is to make the process more inclusive by maintaining a directory of LGBT-friendly vendors and educating vendors on how to work with same-sex couples, she said.

“It’s a very traditional industry,” she said. “Even the language we use. You know, like, ‘I have a bridal meeting,’ or, ‘the bridal party.’ Changing your language – this is huge, and it’s all leading towards a more inclusive and progressive wedding industry.”

(Image via FEVA)

Laura is LPM's Director of Podcasts & Special Projects.