Gov. Steve Beshear has acted on every bill approved in the 2013 Kentucky General Assembly session. Some bill are are stranger than others.

Every year, Kentucky legislators OK a handful of bills that make lobbyists and lawmakers rolling their eyes, and this year is no different.

Here are some examples:

  • A bill signed into law describes Ale-8-One as “an original” Kentucky soft drink. We also now have a law honoring Winchester as the birthplace of beer cheese.
  • A new law re-classifies a handful of Kentucky cities as larger than they really are.
  • Thanks to Kentucky lawmakers, someone in a family trust or small business can now bid for items at an auction outside of those entities—just in case you have a nasty family dispute over grandma’s dishes.
  • A law that lets people hunt coyotes anytime, any place, with shotguns. Kentuckians can now rest assured that they can legally bag as many of animals as they want.