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Indiana’s West Clark Community Schools’ board has chosen two new locations for over 1,000 Henryville students who lost their classrooms in Friday’s storms, but it’s not clear yet when instruction will resume.

Thursday night, the board approved Graceland Christian school in New Albany for the district’s elementary school students, and the Mid America Science Park in Scott County for high school students.

Assistant Superintendent John Reed said the two locations still need to meet certain regulations before students can occupy the spaces.

“We’re taking a look at what kind of adjustments need to be made to make the facility usable for what we need to do with it. There will be things to consider such as special needs students, how do we change the facility to make sure that all their needs are met? The kitchen will be a biggy,” said Reed.

Transportation is also an issue, and the district must now discuss logistics for getting students to and from school, he said.

Reed could not say exactly when students would be back in class.