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Each week, members of the WFPL News team spotlight interesting stories we’ve read and enjoyed, for your weekend reading pleasure:

Gabe Bullard: This week, WFPL is hosting a news special with Michael Pollan (since you asked, it’s Wednesday at 3!). He’ll be talking about his new book, Cooked. In anticipation, I’ve been reading the latest reviews and posts about Pollan’s treatise. This one from Salon is among the best. It comes from someone who isn’t wild about food writing, and that’s a nice perspective. Read Michael Pollan Takes Kitchen Duty.

Joseph Lord: I’ve reported a good deal in the past year about day cares, because there’s been news with them. But even without cuts and investigations, day cares are fascinating because families—lots of families—depend on them in those (rough) years before kids head off to K-12 schools. The New Republic has taken a look into day cares through the nation, and it’s certainly worth a read for any parents. Read The Hell of American Day Care.

Bonus: Inside the massively multiplayer online game that has a greater population than the country where the game originated. Read Multiplayer Game ‘Eve Online’ Cultivates a Most Devoted Following.