Local News

Each week, members of the WFPL News team spotlight interesting stories we’ve read and enjoyed, for your weekend reading pleasure:

Gabe Bullard:  Last week I tried to tell a friend about the video game Desert Bus. The object of the game is to drive a bus from Tucson to Las Vegas in real time. The bus pulls slightly to the right, so players have to keep their hands on the controls for the full eight-hour journey. The friend was skeptical and I didn’t have my phone on me to prove it. Fortunately the New Yorker has mind-reading powers and posted this article days later. It details the development, non-release and new life of Desert Bus, the worst video game ever. Read The Very Worst Video Game Ever Created.

Devin Katayama: If you’re taller, you make more money. If you’re feeling powerful, your perception changes—other people may look smaller. Those are all studies done on “power.” This week’s article describes how power can lead to predictable behaviors and ways to recognize and harness power for improvement. “Power isn’t corrupting; it’s freeing.” That also depends on who you are. Read How Power Corrupts the Mind.

Joseph Lord: If you were on social media at all Thursday night, you likely saw mentions of the TV horror-action film Sharknado. The Syfy network has stumbled onto a fun little niche with these so-bad-they’re-good movies. And it’s got people taking. The Verge analyzes. Read Why did Sharknado Take a Huge Bite Out of the Internet?