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Each week, members of the WFPL News team spotlight interesting stories we’ve read and enjoyed, for your weekend reading pleasure:

Laura Ellis: I’ve been thinking a lot about palliative and hospice care lately, and what type of person it takes to do that work. It’s sad, of course, and you’d basically have your own mortality all up in your face every single day. But also, the months, weeks, and days surrounding a loved one’s death stick in people’s memories, and it seems like a lot of hospice care is caring for the family of the sick person too. If you take really good care of people when they’re losing someone, that will affect the way they feel about that loss for the rest of their lives. Anyway, this piece tells the story of a doctor who transitioned from emergency medicine—maybe the most brusque work there is—to palliative care, probably the most nurturing. Read (and listen t0) A Busy ER Doctor Slows Down to Help Patients Cope With Adversity.

Rick Howlett: A lot of people have been sharing this New York Times story about Jason Everman, an early member of Nirvana and Soundgarden who became a member of the Army Special Forces and battled the Taliban in Afghanistan. Read The Rock ’n’ Roll Casualty Who Became a War Hero.

Devin Katayama: In an era of digital images and endless content, author Steven Heller looks at a curated exhibit from New York Public Library titled “The ABC of It.” The piece explores the significance of revisiting some my personal favorite books from childhood like Goodnight Moon and The Very Hungry Caterpillar and helps to explain how they became popular and why they’re important. “’The ABC of It’ is not a greatest-hits or march-through-history survey. Marcus has set a stage for viewers to step back and see the books in the larger context of the arts, popular culture, and social history.” Read Why Do Kids’ Books Matter? Here, Look.

Joseph Lord: We’ve gotten used to thinking of the University of Louisville as having a top-flight athletics program. It hasn’t always been that way. Forbes looks far back at the Cardinals’ progress over the years. Read Faith, Redemption and the Rise of Louisville Athletics.

Bonus: Student loans have been in the news lately, joining a general discussion about the cost and payoffs of higher education. This New York Times piece looks at an Oregon plan that could be a road map for paying for college into the future. (Or not, depending on the outcome.) Read Oregon Looks at a Way to Attend College Now and Repay State Later.