Local News

Each week, members of the WFPL News team spotlight interesting stories we’ve read and enjoyed, for your weekend reading pleasure:

Gabe Bullard: Do you find tombstones to be a bit, well, lacking in descriptiveness? Before the Civil War, tombstones were more informative. They listed causes of death. The Morning News has an interview with a woman who catalogs one particular cause of death on early American tombstones: lightning strike. Read A Sudden and Awful Manner.

Rick Howlett: Sports Illustrated is publishing a five-part series on alleged rules violations in the Oklahoma State football program. It contains stories of cash payments, academic fraud, drug use and dealing and sexual favors for recruits. If the allegations are true, the program could face severe NCAA penalties. Oklahoma State officials say they’re launching an internal investigation. Read Sport Illustrated’s series on Oklahoma State.

Joseph Lord: Because we don’t have enough to worry about, the New York Review of Books recently delved into a potential impending catastrophe in the oceans—an overabundance of jellyfish. Wait, not just that—an overabundance of jellyfish that could change human life as we know it. You’ve been warned. Read They’re Taking Over.