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Late Friday, Jefferson County Public Schools announced that it had reached a tentative agreement on a new labor deal with the Jefferson County Teachers Association.

The changes would, among other things, expand the field of potential job candidates for principals who have vacancies for teachers. It also means that teachers wouldn’t get a cost of living pay increase next year. For more, check out Friday’s story about the agreement.

So what happens next?

The tentative agreement needs approval from both the Jefferson County Board of Education and the JCTA membership.

The final document will be released publicly in the next couple weeks, a JCPS spokesman said on Monday. JCPS and JCTA were still finalizing the language over the weekend.

Once all is prepared, copies will be sent to JCTA members along with a postcard, executive director DeeAnn Flaherty said. The postcards are for voting. It usually takes a couple of weeks for the postcards to get back to the JCTA to know whether it’s been ratified.

The Jefferson County Board of Education will have its vote as well, at a board meeting. If all is approved, the new contract will replace the document that’s been in effect since 2005.

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