Thousands of people packed into Churchill Downs Saturday for the 142nd Kentucky Derby.

Many in attendance knew preparation is key to fully enjoy a day at the track.

To get an idea of what someone needs to bring, we asked people from Millionaires Row to the Paddock: What is that one item you cannot leave home without before heading to Churchill Downs for the Kentucky Derby?

20160507_140624Jacob Ryan |

Maddie Dubois (left) and Emily Grzeskowiak

“You’re off if you’re not wearing a hat,” said Emily Grzeskowiak.

20160507_140900Jacob Ryan |

Dereck Cooper (left) and Pauline Ford

“The ticket,” said Dereck Cooper.

20160507_141246Jacob Ryan |

Bob Kakos (right) and friend

“A new Derby shirt. It hasn’t done me any good, except I get a collection of Derby shirts. It’s just a superstition,” said Bob Kakos.

20160507_141125Jacob Ryan |

Lou Fisher

“Myself,” said Lou Fisher.

20160507_142408Jacob Ryan |

Brenda (left) and Carlee Robinson

“You’ve got to bring your phone,” said Carlee Robinson.

20160507_142934Jacob Ryan |

Brian Zydowdicz

“Betting money,” said Brian Zydowdicz.

20160507_130008Jacob Ryan |

Ahmad Rahman

“Something pink, like the pink jacket. I got to go colorful, got to look right,” said Ahmad Rahman.

Jacob Ryan is a reporter for the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting.