State of Affairs

I love words, the turn of a perfect phrase, when one word sums up a situation so perfectly there is no need to say anything else. But sometimes I have a love/hate relationship with words, especially when they are over used, misused or just plain wrong.

In our time of 24 hour news coverage, a word or phrase can wear out its welcome in no time (“Wall Street to Main Street” springs to mind), but just because you don’t like it anymore is no reason not to name it as a word (or phrase) of the year!

On January 2nd, State of Affairs will be talking about the candidates for the 2008 Word of the Year and we would like to hear your pick. Call us at 814-6536 and leave your word on the voicemail. We hope to gather enough different voices to play a few back on the air. And then join us at 11:00 am for the show!

If you can’t call, send us an e-mail,

My pick for word of the year? Bailout. ’nuff said.

Oh – and don’t get me started about “impact”.