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What is your big question?

There aren’t many easy answers.

As IdeaFestival continues this week, we went to the Kentucky Center and asked attendees whether they had any big questions for the world. Here’s what some of them said:

Alette RichleyAshlie Stevens |

Alette Richley

“My big question is what is your idea on linear time or dimensions? What do you think it is? Do you think it is linear? Do you think it is circular? What are your ideas on time?” — Alette Richley

Paola MartinezAshlie Stevens |

Paola Martinez

“What would be the most terrible way to die?” — Paola Martinez

Joan FoxAshlie Stevens |

Joan Fox

“Will there be peace in the world during my lifetime?” — Joan Fox

Ahmed HusseinJake Ryan

Ahmed Hussein and friend.

Ahmed Hussein had two big questions: “What does it all mean and how are we supposed to interact with people? I’ve come to the conclusion that we should try to make the best of what you have, and you should always try to make a difference, small or big,” and “How do you truly be yourself in a world where everyone is themselves?”

Drew PerkinsRoxanne Scott

Drew Perkins

“I have lots of questions, but as an education consultant I am constantly asked ‘How might we prepare students and change our education system to prepare students for the modern world?’ That’s probably my biggest professional question.” — Drew Perkins

Ashlie Stevens |

Phil Kramer

“Where was I before I was born?” — Phil Kramer

Hoa NguienAshlie Stevens |

Hoa Nguien

“Where is the love? When will we find peace and stop letting our differences define us?”  — Hoa Nguien

Van TranRoxanne Scott |

Van Tran

“What can we do to make the world a better place to live and work?” — Van Tran

Maddie DaltonAshlie Stevens |

Maddie Dalton

“How do we end the systems that enable the oppression of minorities?” — Maddie Dalton

RyAnn SchoenbaechlerRoxanne Scott |

RyAnn Schoenbaechler

“Why is college so expensive? Because you basically need an education to get a good job and live a comfortable lifestyle in the United States?” — RyAnn Schoenbaechler

Peter ResnikAshlie Stevens |

Peter Resnik

“My big question for the world is what else do I need to be doing to help prepare my children so that they’re prepared to go out into the real-life world financially, socially and professionally.” — Peter Resnik