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The League of Women Voters of Louisville has invited all Metro Council candidates to participate in debates in their respective districts.

Officials say the neighborhood events should make candidates more accessible for residents.

There are six Metro Council races that will be on the ballot this fall. 

Each debate, moderated by a member of the league, will last 30 minutes. 

The debates will be taped by Louisville Metro TV and air multiple times prior to the November 4th election.

The League of Women Voters will also organize voter registration drives throughout the county, according to a news release.

Here is the schedule:

District 17 - Tuesday, Sept. 9: Westport Road Baptist Church (9705 Westport Road)

  • Glen Stuckel (R)
  • Susan Johns (D)

District 21 – Wednesday, Sept. 10: Iroquois Library (601 Woodlawn)

  • Dan Johnson (D)
  • John A. Witt (I)

District 11 – Monday, Sept. 15: Jeffersontown Community Center (10617 Taylorsville Road)

  • Kevin Kramer (R)
  • Larry Hujo (D)

District 9 – Monday, Sept. 22: Lang House: League of Women Voters Headquarters (115. S. Ewing Avenue)

  • Bill Hollander (D)
  • Laura Rice (R)

District 7 – Tuesday, Sept. 23: Thomas Jefferson Unitarian Church (4936 Brownsboro Road)

  • Angela Leet (R)
  • Bruce Maples (D)

District 5 – Monday, Sept. 29: Shawnee Neighborhood Assn. (224 Amy Ave., French Plaza at Market Street)

  • Cheri Bryant Hamilton (D)
  • John Owen (R)