Local News

by Stephanie Crosby

A town hall meeting later this week in Atlanta will include Louisville’s police chief, who is one of the three finalists for the chief’s job in that city. Chief Robert White has interviewed for the job in Atlanta, after being pursued by the search committee there.

Mayor Jerry Abramson says he wishes White would stay in Louisville, but understands why he’s interviewing elsewhere.

“I get calls from the mayor of Atlanta, or I got a call from the mayor of Dallas saying, we hear you’ve got a superstar, and what can I say other than, yeah it’s true,” says Abramson, “I hope he stays, but nobody knows until the new mayor gets elected and makes the official ask.”

White was also a finalist for the chief’s job in Dallas, he wasn’t selected for that job.

He’ll participate in a town hall meeting on Thursday in Atlanta, as part of the final hiring process for that job.