Louisville Metro government’s Center for Health Equity is expected to release the third edition of the center’s Health Equity report this week. This year, the report will examine data from several factors like the city’s food systems, employment, environment and transportation, and their connections to health outcomes in Louisville.

Center for Health Equity Director Brandy Kelly Pryor said the report helps non-profits and foundations understand how these key factors affect community health and use the data to target certain problems.

“We really see that these inequities exist in our city, we know of this, but we need to have data-driven approaches for why and how these inequities are coming to be,” Kelly Pryor said.

The Health Equity report is updated every three years. Kelly Pryor said this year, the report will differ from previous years. In addition to measuring outcomes, it will suggest solutions ranging from what individuals can do, to what policies should be created or changed in response.

“We’re not just talking about where safety nets should be after a community has high rates of food related health outcomes like diabetes, but what does it relate to our supply chain of food,” Kelly Pryor said. “How does affordability affect things like infant mortality?”

The report is expected to be released on November 30.

Lisa Gillespie is WFPL's Health and Innovation Reporter.