In a message to supporters, Republican gubernatorial candidate David Williams once again slammed Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear, but also took swipes at the Louisville Courier-Journal.

On Sunday, the newspaper’s editorial board ripped a Williams ad that touted his support of neighborhood schools over the Jefferson County Public Schools student assignment plan.

The newspaper called the commercial vile and subliminally racist.

In response, the state Senate President told supporters he’s standing up to the “cabal of social engineers” led by  the teacher’s association and newspaper. Williams says he supports more school choice for all parents.

From the Williams campaign:

I am committed to giving every child a quality education. I advocate neighborhood schools, voluntary charter schools, a better student testing system and merit pay for teachers who help impoverished students achieve better test scores. Every step of the way I am opposed by Courier Journal, the teachers’ union bosses and their puppet Steve Beshear.

Time and again conservatives in Louisville stand up for common sense education reforms that would help children, but are blocked by this cabal of social engineers. Conservatives, parents and political leaders live in fear of being called racist by this newspaper for advocating neighborhood schools. Well, I am not intimidated or cowed by Courier Journal or anyone else.

The public back and forth between the C-J and Williams’s campaign has spilled over from their editorial pages and into the news, apparently.

Political reporter Joe Gerth chastised Williams over a recent YouTube video, saying the GOP nominee misled voters by inaccurately suggesting quotes from a freelance columnist were from the newspaper.

Williams campaign manager Scott Jennings defended the Internet ad, saying the column appeared in the newspaper.