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Speaking on the House floor Wednesday in support of extending the payroll tax cuts, U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth, D-Ky., criticized Republicans, claiming they are putting wealthier Americans over working families.

The current payroll rate is set to expire January 1, which would end the relief for about 160 million Americans.

“Republicans are putting more and more into the pockets of millionaires and taking it out of the pockets of American families. They’ve gone from simply not helping working Americans to actively making it harder for them to get by,” says Yarmuth.

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The plan being crafted by Senate Democrats to reduce taxes for workers by 3 percent would pay for it through a 3.25 percent tax increase on individuals making $1 million or more per year. But Speaker John Boehner, R-Oh, said the extension should be paid for through budget cuts instead of new revenue.