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Third District Congressman John Yarmuth says President Barack Obama’s latest proposal to jump-start the economy will face some hurdles on Capitol Hill. But much of the difficulty may come from Democrats.

This week, Mr. Obama laid out a plan for 50 billion dollars in infrastructure spending and billions more in tax cuts for businesses. Yarmuth says he supports the plan.

“There are limited choices available to a government in trying to move the economy, and I think we are making the best use of the tools that we have. Most of that is to stimulate private activity,” he says. “That’s why the president is also calling for different tax credits for business, to stimulate their investment, not to invest federal dollars, but to stimulate their investment. Again, this is the type of program that makes sense for the American people, I hope that our Democratic majority is solidly behind them.”

Republicans, however, have criticized the plan for its cost and similarity to last year’s stimulus package.

“It would be hard to believe that Republicans would oppose those things,” says Yarmuth on the business tax cuts. “Because they historically have proposed them themselves. But it wouldn’t be the first time in the last couple years they have done that.”

Yarmuth says he expects the GOP to vigorously fight the proposal in Congress. He also expects some reluctance among Democrats, as many of them are facing difficult re-election campaigns. Yarmuth himself is seeking another term, facing Republican Todd Lally, Libertarian Ed Martin, and independent candidate Michael Hansen.