Local News

Congressman John Yarmuth of Louisville will host his only in-person town hall meeting on health care tomorrow evening at Central High School.

Yarmuth says 15,000 people participated in his ‘tele-town hall’ meetings over the last couple of weeks. In those, his office placed calls throughout the district and if the call was answered, the person could participate in the meeting.

Yarmuth says the Democratic-led proposed health care overhaul will need ‘24/7’ pitches from President Barack Obama if it’s going to successfully pass Congress.

“I think he’s prepared to do that,” says Yarmuth, “but if he doesn’t, it’s basically a one-on-one explanation job, and I’ve been trying to do that for the last few weeks!”

Yarmuth says when Congress returns from its August recess, he expects action will be taken.

“I think the House will probably have a vote by the end of September, beginning of October,” says Yarmuth, “I have no idea what the Senate’s going to do, but the House is going to act.”

The town hall starts Wednesday evening at 6:30 at Central High School. It’s estimated to hold 1,400 people, and Yarmuth believes there will be a capacity crowd.