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John YarmuthThird District Congressman John Yarmuth has won re-election. He beat former Representative Anne Northup by nearly 19 points.

In his victory speech, Yarmuth said he was looking forward to returning to a larger Democratic majority in Congress, but he urged his fellow Democrats to focus on sound policy and not partisan legislation.

“We have a responsibility to make sure that we do have the buy-in of the rest of the public,” said Yarmuth. “We can’t live in a divided society and a polarized society.”

Yarmuth SupporterYarmuth said he would like to see more bipartisan cooperation in Congress, such as the efforts that got the recent financial rescue package passed.

“I actually think about this last effort with the rescue plan, where there really was an amazing amount of bipartisanship,” he said. “We worked together. Everybody was really impressed with the way we could work together. I hope that carries forward.”

Yarmuth’s victory was his second over former Representative Anne Northup