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When Mayor Greg Fischer took the podium at Falls City Brewing Company Thursday afternoon, there were three big steel brewing pots behind him, and a pyramid of six-packs in front of him.

“I believe the star of the show here is the beer,” Fischer said. “It’s not me. I’m just a prop.”

Craft beer has caught on in our seemingly bourbon-soaked state. There are 28 craft breweries across Kentucky and, as Fischer announced today, the Louisville Brewfest is kicking off its eighth year.

The Annual Brewfest is an event facilitated by the Louisville Independent Business Alliance — or LIBA. It offers visitors a chance to taste local beers while also showcasing other local businesses.

“Supporting local businesses is in our DNA, and Louisville is lucky to have such a wealth of great breweries and distilleries from which to choose,” Fischer said. “Brewfest is a great way to support our local food and beverage scene, as well as supporting LIBA, our No. 1 voice for helping keep our dollars in the local economy.”

This year, according to board member Ali Hawthorne, LIBA and local brewers will be pairing up in a new way.

You know those huge signs around the city that say things like “Jennifer’s Louisville?” The Hometown Beer-oes program is kind of like that. But instead of getting a celebrity’s face plastered on a wall, three Louisville “local business stars” are creating new beer flavors with area breweries.

Here’s what you can expect to see at the bar, courtesy of the Beer-oes:

  • Forecastle founder JK McKnight paired up with Goodwood Brewing Company to create Capt. McKnight’s Rum Soaked Chocolate Blond.
  • Great Flood Brewing Company and LIBA founder (and — disclosure — WFPK host) John Timmons are creating beer x-tacy.
  • Monnik Brewing Company and Chef Edward Lee decided on a brew called MW Saison.

A portion of the proceeds from these beers’ sales will benefit the Hometown Heroes program, which aims to enhance civic pride.

Fischer even got in on the fun. He and Falls City have created a flavor called Louisville’s Louis XVI Imperial. But sadly, you’ll have to wait until the 8th Annual Brewfest on Sept. 23 to see what Possibility City tastes like in a beer mug.