In the race for Indiana’s Ninth Congressional District race, Republican incumbent Todd Young has released a TV ad attacking President Obama’s health care overhaul.

The 30-second spot criticizes the Affordable Care Act as “just one more way that Washington is trying to control” residents lives. It shows a series of doors in doctor’s offices slamming in the viewers face to signify a barrier between physicians and their patients with Young opening the door for residents.

Check it:

Young has voted to repeal the law, however, in a recent interview with constituents he praised the extension of health insurance for millions of American, but added that he would take out parts that increase costs.

“Health care comprises one-sixth of our national economy, so it’s not surprising that a comprehensive bill that was hastily thrown together behind closed doors remains so unpopular with the American people,” Young said in a news release. “Insuring more Americans is a noble goal, but it was done in a way that we can’t afford because it doesn’t control rapidly rising health care costs. We do need to reform our system, but I’d prefer to do it in an incremental way that harnesses the power of our free market economy.”

Young’s Democratic challenger Shellie Yoder is supportive of the president’s health care overhaul and has said she celebrates the benefits it has provided for families.