Local News

by Stephanie Crosby

Indiana’s Attorney General is challenging other Hoosier attorneys to participate in a food drive over the next two weeks. Greg Zoeller says they’ll announce the names of the firms that donated the most money and food.

Zoeller says last year they collected 76 tons of food through ten regional food banks in Indiana. He says the need is even greater this year.

“I know we were all hopeful when we were starting our March Against Hunger last year that the economy would turn around,” says Zoeller, “but frankly, unemployment is still high, there’s a lot of need out there.”

The food bank representing southeast Indiana is Louisville-based Dare to Care. They serve 13 area counties including Clark, Crawford, Floyd, Harrison and Washington counties in Indiana.

Executive Director Brian Riendeau says last year, Dare to Care provided two-million pounds of food to southern Indiana families.