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Occupy Louisville plans to target Chase Bank Saturday in a protest in the Highlands neighborhood. Their plan is to stop home foreclosures for good.

Occupiers will rally outside of the Highlands Chase branch at 1 pm. Occupy spokeswoman Robin Moody says Chase is to blame for many foreclosures and bankruptcies in the Louisville area.

“They’ve been the main offenders in so many communities with illegal mortgages and then illegal foreclosures also so yes there is national action against chase bank through the occupy movement and others as well just people who are tired of being jerked around and treated improperly,” she says.

A spokesperson for Chase says the bank’s efforts to prevent home foreclosures in Kentucky are more successful than they are nationwide.

Across the board, foreclosures are down slightly, according to RealtyTrac. For January, one in every 513 housing units in Louisville was foreclosed upon. That’s down from one in every 675 in November of last year.

The Louisville Metro Council has explored various options for addressing the city’s vacant and abandoned property issues.